Who We Are

Who We Are

Since 1999, INSOL Consultancy Sdn Bhd is a regional centre for People, Process and Business Development through our  learning, professional certification  and consulting services.

We have close to two decades of Bespoke Learning and Consultancy expertise in the ASEAN Region. In addition we have  extensive collaborative partnerships with the following globally renowned Professional Certification organizations.





Our Learning Facilitators are highly qualified with across the board industry experience ranging amongst them, in the Medical, Electronics, Manufacturing, Oil & Gas and Construction. These expert resources within INSOL Consultancy are accredited with internationally recognized professional certifications.

Team @ INSOL


Jacintaa Ong Choo Ee
Founder and Chief Executive Officer
Division: Finance & Administration


Overseeing the Financial and Administration roles at INSOL. Comes with vast experience in managing FMCG and Services Sectors in the Americas and Asia. Spearheads INSOL’s business alliances with our Global and Regional Business Partners and ensures the total quality of our Customer Experience.


A. Anthony Charles
Founder and Principal Consultant and Learning Facilitator
Division: Business Development and Certification Programs


Spanning 25 years of top notch experience in Oil & Gas, Manufacturing and Utilities Sectors amongst others, both, in global and local. Leading INSOL’s portfolio in Marketing and Professional Certification Programs. In addition leads the Business Process Improvement Consulting portfolio, a key Business Unit within INSOL.

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Sugumaran Nair
Division: Business Management System


Sukumaran Nair applies over 40 years of strong business and operations management experience to provide results-oriented ISO 9001, ISO14001, OHSAS 18000, ISO 22000, HACCP and Food Safety, GMP, GDPMD and ISO13485, using a risk management approach. His services include interpretation, documentation, system development, training, project management and system audits leading to successful certification to these quality management standards. He has earned a reputation for getting his clients certified, on their first attempt, on time, and within budget. He also provides business planning, process streamlining and other value-added services. In addition to this, he is a highly accomplished trainer in the field of soft skills and productivity improvement.


Daniel S. Rajan Arumugam
Consultant, Learning Facilitator
Division: Bespoke Training  & Development


With more than 30 years of experience in Supply Chain Management and  Human Resources in a variety of MNCs and Local organizations. Specializes in developing Bespoke Training Contents with a passion for Emotional Intelligence at the heart of INSOL’s Training Program.

Handles INSOL’s Japanese Business Clients.


Dr.LeRoy H. Graw
Instructor, Learning Facilitator (ACI)
Division: Certification Programs


Dr. Graw conducts Professional Certification Programs hosted by INSOL for  ACI, Delaware, USA. Emphasis on Management Certification, Quality Management and Customer Service Certification portfolios. A Guru in those fields with close to 35 books published to date.


Mohammad Zambree Bin Diman
Chief Analyst
Division: Business Consulting


Zambree plays the role of providing INSOL with that added zest in our Business Management Consulting with down to detail facts and figures on business re-building and organization revamping. With extensive expertise in the Asia Pacific region in handling a wide variety of industries, he holds the key to managing with profits as his core competency.

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