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The Mind Science of People Performance Program
Hypnotherapy Practitioner Certificate (CHt) & Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)



CEOs, Human Resource & Training Managers, Change Management Leaders, Sales Managers, Consultants, Life Coaches and anyone interested in practical application of Hypnosis & Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)



  1. International Recognized Certifications* to boost your confidence, career & life!
  2. Be a Life Coach, Trainer or Therapist – Ever wanted to help your friends or family with their problems? Help them achieve success and you like to hang out with successful people don’t you?
  3. Access and utilize the most powerful part of you – your mind, to help you progress and achieve! Do you believe in the power of your mind? Power enough to move a piece of metal with it? Let us show you how.
  4. Learn the will, skills & drills of practical and powerful Life Coaching techniques & technologies! You learn by doing and we provide ample opportunities for you to practice and be confident!
  5. Unleash your confidence and creativity and make a difference at work and at home! Would you like to learn to see the world with a new paradigm?
  6. Improve relationships with spouse, children, family members, colleagues, bosses, clients…etc! We are not just talking about quick fixes but a relationship that last!
  7. Manage your emotions, reduce stress and live a healthier life! And you can help others do it too!
  8. Learn to communicate with tact and precision to improve results! Ever wonder how to understand a person’s buying strategy? Great skills to acquire if you’re in sales or businesses!
  9. Learn the science and secrets of goal setting and goal getting! Why some people gets results and some don’t? It’s all revealed here!
  10. Learn the secrets of covert persuasion to improve your results! Ever wonder how to speak to the sub-conscious mind…directly?



PART 1: Foundation: Hypnotherapy & NLP

Module 1: Understanding Hypnotherapy
– History, Science & Philosophy
– Fact & Fiction Surrounding Hypnosis
– Hypnosis – the science that powers Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)
– Professional & Personal Value of Applied Hypnotherapy (Career Road Map)

 Module 2: Fundamental Principles of Hypnosis & Mentalism
– Mind-works: Different Minds & Brain Waves
– Inception: Differentiating Trance & Hypnosis
– Developing Sensory Acuity & Eye Accessing Cues
– Establish Rapport with Hypnotic Communication Model


PART 2: Counseling Tools with Hypnosis & NLP

Module 3: Basic Induction – Getting Started
– Differentiating Coaching, Counseling & Training
– 10 Rules of Engagement
– The 10 Commandments Induction
– Pre-qualifying for Hypnosis / NLP Coaching sessions
– Forms: Client History, Records, Referral & Testimonial

Module 4: Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)
– Brief History
– NLP Presuppositions
– The Mental Map

Module 5: Hypnotic Induction
– Time Distortion, Utilization & Emerge
– Complex Deepeners & Convincers
– Conscious/Non-Conscious Dissociation
– Post Hypnotic Suggestion
– Practical Session

Module 6: Counseling Tools to Break Negative Habits
– Opti-Symbology for Installing Confidence
– Opti- Stress Management
– Opti-Pain Management
– Opti-Weight Management (bonus)
– Opti-Stop Smoking Today (bonus)
– NLP Strategy to Overcome Procrastination
– Additional Scripts for Intervention
– Practical Session

Module 7: Counseling Tools for Peak Performance
– Responsibility & Accountability: NLP Ecology Check
– Neuro Linear Associations (for handling like/dislike intervention and more)
– Forensic Neuro Connexions (for handling Procrastination, Confidence and more)
– Ideo-Motor Response
– Spelling Strategies (bonus)
– Memory Line Hypnosis (for handling Negative Emotions, Limiting Beliefs and more)
– Practical Session

Module 8: Counseling Tools for Peak Performance 2
– Rapid Relaxation Induction
– Principles of Feedback & Learning
– Secrets of Goal Setting
– Goal Getting – Reticular Activating System
– Time Management Principles
– The NLP Coach Beliefs & Confidence

Module 9: Certification Assessment
Theory & Practical Real-Play Evaluation + Coaching & Feedback


Program Duration: 6 Days


For further details, contact us at 03-7972 8867, Anthony (012-201-1535) or Loke (017-221-7488); or email us at busdev@insol.com.my


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