Who We Are

Who We Are

Since 1999, INSOL Consultancy Sdn Bhd is a regional centre for People, Process and Business Development through our  learning, professional certification  and consulting services.

We have close to two decades of Bespoke Learning and Consultancy expertise in the ASEAN Region. In addition we have  extensive collaborative partnerships with the following globally renowned Professional Certification organizations.




Our Learning Facilitators are highly qualified with across the board industry experience ranging amongst them, in the Medical, Electronics, Manufacturing, Oil & Gas and Construction. These expert resources within INSOL Consultancy are accredited with internationally recognized professional certifications.

Team @ INSOL


Jacintaa Ong Choo Ee
Founder and Chief Executive Officer
Division: Finance & Administration

Overseeing the Financial and Administration roles at INSOL. Comes with vast experience in managing FMCG and Services Sectors in the Americas and Asia. Spearheads INSOL’s business alliances with our Global and Regional Business Partners and ensures the total quality of our Customer Experience.



A. Anthony Charles
Founder and Principal Consultant and Learning Facilitator
Division: Business Development and Certification Programs

Spanning 25 years of top notch experience in Oil & Gas, Manufacturing and Utilities Sectors amongst others, both, in global and local. Leading INSOL’s portfolio in Marketing and Professional Certification Programs. In addition leads the Business Process Improvement Consulting portfolio, a key Business Unit within INSOL.


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Sugumaran Nair
Division: Business Management System

Sukumaran Nair applies over 40 years of strong business and operations management experience to provide results-oriented ISO 9001, ISO14001, OHSAS 18000, ISO 22000, HACCP and Food Safety, GMP, GDPMD and ISO13485, using a risk management approach. His services include interpretation, documentation, system development, training, project management and system audits leading to successful certification to these quality management standards. He has earned a reputation for getting his clients certified, on their first attempt, on time, and within budget. He also provides business planning, process streamlining and other value-added services. In addition to this, he is a highly accomplished trainer in the field of soft skills and productivity improvement.

Loke Kok Wah
Consultant, Learning Facilitator
Division: Bespoke Training & Development

Loke is an energetic trainer with over 15 years in the service industry. His exposure includes the area of customer service and sales & marketing in FMCG and manufacturing sectors. As an instructional designer and trainer, Loke specializes in helping individuals realize and develop their soft skills. Loke is a fully certified facilitator for the Steven Covey’s phenomenal program, ‘7 Habits of Highly Effective People’. He is also a complementary therapist and coach certified in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Hypnotherapy and Time Line Therapy. Apart from this, he designs and conducts Change Mastery Programs, Passion for Personal Excellence and Quantum Leap.

Mohammed Ghazali 
Organizational Development Consultant
Division: Business Development

Mohammed Ghazali began his career in the Finance sector as an investment analyst and then a licensed securities trader with a member company of Bursa Malaysia, over a twelve-year stint. His switch into training came in 2006, after qualifying as an industry coach (Petrochemicals) under the German-modeled National Dual Training Scheme, with the Skills Development department of the Human Resources Ministry. During this exposure, he co-developed contents for six Executive Diploma programs meant for the upward mobility of long-serving senior technicians, within various subsectors of Oil & Gas. Marketed via Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, this engagement provided Mohammed a refreshing fulfilment witnessing technicians unleash their career potentials.

Wan Zahir
Chief Technology Officer
Division: Information Technology

Wan Zahir has excellent computer knowledge and skills in the following areas: Web-based system development softwares, Programming language and scripting, Database, Geographical information system software, Portal, E-commerce, and
Customer relation management system.

Some of Wan’s accomplishments are Bug Management System, Track Booking System, Job Management System, Website and Catalog System, Export Management, Promotion & Marketing, Property Advertising Portal, Customer Service Web System, Installer Performance Grading System, Centralised Document Retention & Retrieval System, and Celcom’s Sabah Portal & Management System.

Tord Lissborg
Sr. Consultant
Division: Business Process Improvement

Tord has more than 30 years experience in consulting and managing companies in the Manufacturing Sector. He specializes in Production Economics and Management.

Some of Tord’s strengths are Overall Management, Lean Manufacturing, Identify and Solve Bottle Necks and Problems, Reduce Cost of Non-Quality, and Train and Motivate Managers and Leaders.

Dr.LeRoy H. Graw
Instructor, Learning Facilitator (ACI, IPSCMI)
Division: Certification Programs

Dr. Graw conducts Professional Certification Programs hosted by INSOL for  ACI, Delaware, USA. Emphasis on Management Certification, Quality Management and Customer Service Certification portfolios. A Guru in those fields with close to 35 books published to date.