Certified Digital Marketing Professional (CDMP)

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Certified Digital Marketing Professional (CDMP)


About this course

What makes a successful digital marketer?

  • Overseeing marketing department.
  • Evaluating and developing our marketing strategy and marketing plan.
  • Planning, directing, and coordinating marketing efforts.
  • Communicating the marketing plan.
  • Researching demand for our products and services.
  • Competitor research.
  • Working with sales department to develop pricing strategies to maximize profits and market share while balancing customer satisfaction.
  • Identifying potential customers.
  • Developing promotions with advertising managers.
  • Understanding and developing budgets and finance, including expenditures, research and development appropriations, return-on-investment and profit-loss projections.
  • Compiling lists describing your offerings.
  • Developing and managing advertising campaigns.
  • Building brand awareness and positioning.
  • Supporting sales and lead generation efforts.
  • Coordinating marketing projects from start to finish.
  • Organizing company conferences, trade shows, and major events.
  • Overseeing social media marketing strategy and content marketing.


Eligibility Requirements

  • Having minimal fundamentals of sales and marketing
  • Agile in computer skills
  • Freshly Graduated from University / College


What Can You Learn?

Completion of this course will enable the participants to:

  • Be able to develop and manage digital marketing campaigns/marketing campaigns
  • ManagEa social media strategy (social media management)
  • Be able to write and optimize content for website and social networking accounts
  • Learn on how to track and analyze traffic flow in digital platforms
  • Attain key performance indicators such as reducing the website bounce rate, increasing dwell time and improving conversion
  • Be able to create digital advertisement
  • Be able to create and edit videos, podcast and audio content to digital sites
  • Be able to generate copywriting for any digital content
  • Identify new trends in digital marketing
  • Identify potential customers
  • Competitor research
  • Build brand awareness and positioning
  • Support sales and lead generation efforts

Course Outline

Day 1:

1. Entrepreneurship mindset:

  • Skills
  • Business Model
  • USP & SWOT
  • Business Canvas
  • Cost Management
  • Online validity
  • Logo design

2. Social Media Platform (FB):

  1. Concept of Facebook Page
  2. Create your first Facebook Page
  3. Business Name
  4. Logo
  5. Information
  6. Invite Followers

Day 2:

1. Content Marketing:

  • Social Media Content
  • Channels
  • Funnels
  • Planning & Tracking
  • Teasers
  • Soft Selling
  • Hard Selling
  • CANVA Design

2. Instagram Marketing:

  • Concept of Instagram Marketing
  • Create Instagram Account
  • Photography techniques
  • Copywriting
  • Followers

Day 3:

1. Omnichannel Marketing Overview:

  • Website
  • Affiliate
  • Dropship
  • Email Marketing
  • Marketplace
  • Business Ethics

2. Facebook Targeted Marketing

  • Types of marketing
  • Defining your audience
  • Scheduling your advertisement
  • Budgeting
  • Analytics

Day 4:

1. Website Design

  • Types of website
  • Free website
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Organization of materials
  • Publishing

2. Integrating Website & Social Media Marketing

  • Connecting the dots
  • Coherence
  • Omnichannel

Day 5:

1. Video-based marketing

  • YouTube
  • InstaTV
  • Live Streaming
  • Tik Tok (Overview)

2. Practical-based assessment:

  • Business / Facebook / Instagram / Website

General Information:

  • Program Duration – 5 Days
  • This program is HRDF Claimable
  • No hardcopy / Printout materials – Training materials will be given in soft copy by email beforehand. Participants are needed to bring laptop / Ipad / Smartphones to the training session.
  • Candidates that passed the test and class work will be granted the certification of CPDM / CIDM. The certification can be used as a professional certificate and as similar to recognitions in finance, accounting, insurance, medicine, law and other professions.