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Executive Development Program


About this course

Management skills are critical to effective leadership in any field. However, individuals are often promoted into management and leadership positions based primarily on their technical expertise. As a result, such individuals find themselves in new positions without the tools for success. As more and more individuals are in line for promotion in the coming years, effectively training the next generation of industry leaders becomes particularly urgent.

The executive development course to be offered by INSOL Consultancy Sdn Bhd will provide first line, mid- and upper-level managers with the knowledge and tools they need to build and hone broad management skills as well as provide them with an understanding of the specific issues they will face in the industry sector in their region. Over the course of a 3 months program, there are 5 core managerial competency modules (each module – two days duration)  from which participants will gain the appropriate tools to add to and polish their skills on their own after the course is completed. Expert instructors and facilitators will present information that is applicable, timely, and relevant, and tailored to the participants’ needs and concerns.