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Certified Sales Professional – Prospecting and Cold Calling Telephone Skills

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Certified Sales Professional – Prospecting and Cold Calling Telephone Skills

Certified Sales Professional – Prospecting and Cold Calling Telephone Skills is a certification course designed for sales personnel who would like to enhance their skills with the right tools and techniques. The sales professional is usually the customer’s first point of contact with an organization. This fun and interactive workshop specifically looks into the importance of sales and at the same time equip and enhanced your sales personnel skills.

Course Objective

The course has been designed to achieve the following learning objectives:
• Establishing quality professional relationships
• Set themselves apart from the competition.
• Build trust, establish credibility, and effectively communicate
• Win business, retain clients, and expanding opportunities for more deals.

Completion of this program will enable participants to:

• Learn the Professional Selling Process Over Telephone
– Prospecting / Cold Calling
– Probing
– Presenting
– Closing
– Follow-Up Effectively
• Overcome mental barriers and inspire them to outperform
• Acquire skills to close sales

Course Content

Introduction To Prospecting and Cold Calling Telephone Skills
• Prospecting
• Effective Telephone Skills
• Maintaining Professionalism
• A Numbers Game
Call Centre Training Module
• Company / Product details
• Preparation before engaging on a tele-conversation
• Tips for telemarketers
• Telephone presentation
• Achievement
• Briefing ideas
• Lead generation script
• How to deal with screening by secretaries and receptionists
• Getting potential customers
• The positive words and phrases
• Tips towards a successful tele-conversation
– Mediocre telemarketers
– Excellent telemarketers
10 steps of inviting tours
1) Understanding the greeting tones
2) Introducing self and company
3) Objective of the call
4) Checking qualification / requirement
5) Gift
6) Prospecting
7) Appointment setting
8) Giving directions and contact number
9) Confirming marital status and 60 minutes
10) Frequently asked questions and answers

Who Should Attend:

• All Sales Personnel

General Info:

• For organizations – can apply thru e-TRIS of HRD Corp
• For personal application (for employed / unemployed / retrenched / had salary cut ) – can apply thru Perkeso EIS

Event Details

Date: 13/06/2022 - 17/06/2022
Time: -
Venue: IPEC Institute
Organizer Name: INSOL Consultancy Sdn Bhd
Phone: +603-7972 8867
Address: Wisma Laxton, 7-3, Jalan Desa