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Problem Solving and Decision Making (Offi-Logy)

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Problem Solving and Decision Making (Offi-Logy)

Program Objectives & Overview

Problem Solving & Decision-Making Workshop is a practical, interactive and discovery-based program designed to inspire your staff to think differently and think out of the box to solve problems. Thinking tools are employed to challenge their assumptions and perceptions to help them achieve breakthrough thinking in problem solving. The program provides practical techniques to achieve creative-innovation at the workplace.


Course Outcome:

At the end of the session, participants will be able to:

  • Learn to diagnose a difficult situation
  • Learn basic NLP and its tools in problem solving
  • Distinguish the difference between Creativity and Innovation
  • Learn the Left-Right Brain Problem Solving
  • Learn Techniques for Ideas Generation
  • Learn Techniques for Ideas Evaluation & Selection
  • Discover the decision-making profiles


Course Outline

Module 1: Problem Diagnosis

  • What is Problem Solving – Case Study: Charlie
  • Understanding the Different Levels of Thinking
  • Action Learning – Differentiating Facts and Opinions
  • The Various Tools to Diagnose Problem
  • Action Learning : NLP Meta Modeling for Problem Diagnosis

Module 2: Practical Tools for Problem Solving

  • Action Learning: L-R Brain Thinking Pattern Profiling
  • Action Learning: Creative Innovation Problem Solving Process Intro – The Storyboard
  • Techniques to Stimulate the Mind
  • Action Learning: Techniques for Ideas Generation

Module 3: Decision Making – Theory & Tools

  • Techniques for Ideas Evaluation & Selection
  • Profiles of Decision Makers
  • The Decision Making Process
  • The Decision Making Matrix
  • Action Learning: Practical Creative Innovation Simulation
  • How to Make Tough Decisions

Module 4: NLP Problem Solving Tools

  • Brief history of NLP
  • Understanding mind works and how problems are created
  • Pre-frame, Re-frame & De-frame Techniques
  • The Different Levels of Thinking


General Info:

• For organizations – this program is claimable under HRD Corp
• For personal application (for employed / unemployed / retrenched / had salary cut ) – you may enroll through Perkeso EIS


Event Details

Date: 07/06/2022 - 09/06/2022
Time: -
Venue: Online via Zoom
Organizer Name: INSOL Consultancy Sdn Bhd
Phone: +603-7972 8867