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Professional Certificate in Lean Six Sigma

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Professional Certificate in Lean Six Sigma


Lean Six Sigma training teaches you Lean Six Sigma methods so you can take an active role in business improvements. This training course provides an overview of the basic aspects to illustrate what it is, why it is used and how it transforms organizations.

Following this course you’ll understand how Business Improvement leads to increased efficiency, reduced costs, improved quality and higher satisfaction for both customers and employees. This training is an introduction to Lean Six Sigma with techniques and tools and is ideal for those new to the approach or thinking of using it within their place of work.

Get prepared to play an important role as part of a process improvement team as you become proficient in using basic problem-solving tools.

Course Objective

  • Communicate using Lean Six Sigma concepts.
  • Relate Lean Six Sigma concepts to the overall business objectives.
  • Use the five-step D-M-A-I-C model to improve processes.
  • Participate in the development or refinement of a project plan
  • Build and understand process maps, Pareto charts, trend charts, control charts, and histograms.
  • Identify the root cause of a problem.
  • Use a failure mode and effects analysis to set priorities for improvement.
  • Document process changes and use a control plan to prevent backsliding.

Who Should Attend

Attendees should be those seeking to improve their process improvement skills and/or companies that have embarked upon a Lean Six Sigma deployment and require training for a broad audience.

Course Outline

Module 1: Introduction to Lean Six Sigma

  • What is Lean Six Sigma?
  • Where did it originate?
  • Why is it so effective and popular?

Module 2: Lean Six Sigma Roles

  • Yellow Belt
  • Green Belt
  • Black Belt
  • Master Black Belt
  • Champion

Module 3: The 8 Wastes

  • Defects
  • Overproduction
  • Waiting
  • Non-Utilized Employees
  • Transportation
  • Inventory
  • Motion
  • Extra Processing

Module 4: DMAIC Overview

  • Define Phase – How to define the problem.
    – Project Charter (Tool)
    – Defining Value: Voice Of the Customer (VOC) (Tool)
    – High Level Process Map: SIPOC (Tool)
    – Activity
  • Measure Phase – How to measure the current process
    – Selecting Measures
    – Data Collection Planning
    – Operational Definitions
    – Activity
  • Analyze Phase – How to identify the cause of the problem
    – Process Analysis
    – The Five Whys and The Fishbone Diagram (Tool)
    – Pareto Charts (Tool)
  • Improve Phase – How to implement and verify the solution
    – Optimize Flow
    – Mistake-Proofing: Poka-Yoke (Tool)
    – Visual Management and 5S
    – Activity
  • Control Phase – How to maintain the solution.
    – Process Control Plan (Tool)
    – Monitoring and Response
    – Documentation and Storyboard
    – Activity
  • Case Studies

General Information:

  • Program Duration: 7 Days (February 17-19 and 22-25)
  • This program is HRDF Claimable
  • The trainer may decide to select tools that may differ from what has been proposed in the outline provided. This is done so as the ensure the right tools are provided for the participants based on the nature of business of the organization, the department/division implementing and the type of data available.
  • Participants are encouraged to bring their improvement projects /cases/data for discussion and use during workshop if necessary.
  • Certified Lean Six Sigma Examination is a 2 hour, proctored exam based on the universally accepted Lean Six Sigma Body of Knowledge.
  • Candidates upon completion of the 5 day Lean Six Sigma Course, can opt to sit for an examination to be get certified within 6 months of course completion. Those who do not qualify will obtain a “Certificate of Attendance” from INSOL Consultancy Sdn Bhd.
  • The certification is provided by Saito University College.

Event Details

Date: 17/02/2021 - 23/02/2021
Time: -
Venue: IPEC Institute
Organizer Name: INSOL Consultancy Sdn Bhd
Phone: +603-7972 8867
Address: Wisma Laxton, 7-3, Jalan Desa